Rock on: Building hardware and software for a MicroPython decibel meter

Ready to turn it up to 11? Pycon US 2019 challenged us to build Python hardware, so let’s learn how to build a decibel meter! We’ll start with choosing parts and testing hardware, writing the software using MicroPython, then talk about building the custom circuit board using the open source KiCad.

About Terri Oda

Terri has a PhD in horribleness, assuming we agree that web security is kind of horrible. She stopped working on skynet (err, automated program repair and artificial intelligence) before robots from the future came to kill her and then she got a job in open source, which at least sounds safer. Now, she gets paid to break things and tell people they’re wrong while working towards more secure open source and open web standards. She doesn’t get paid for her work on GNU Mailman or running Google Summer of Code for the Python Software Foundation, but she does those things too.