Lightning talks

Selected Lightning Talks

What are lightning talks, and should I give one?

  • Lightning talks will take place on both main conference days, right after lunch, from 1:50PM to 2:20 PM.
  • All lightning talks will be recorded and live streamed.
  • A lightning talk is a five-minute talk where you quickly share a concept or bit of info you find interesting. Slides are not required.
  • Lightning talks are a great way to practice public speaking, get people excited about your personal projects, and test interest in a conference proposal idea.
  • Do you have an idea, want to talk about a new tool you are learning, or review a process? Then, yes! Sign up for a lightning talk. There will be a sign-up at registration.
  • PyCascades is aiming to have a a balanced mix of speakers therefore we’ll be using two buckets where folks can self-identify their speaking experience as ‘new’ or ‘experienced’ to submit. A thoughtful title, a sentence blurb, contact info to follow up, and notes on if you have slides or not should be included in your submission.
  • Lightning talks selection will happen in a relatively tight window during the conference. It is important to be responsive, ideally through the conference Slack #lightningtalks channel, to ensure if you are selected we get your materials and order for the speaking line up situated in a timely fashion.
  • If you are interested in giving a lightning talk, be prepared! There is a great guide here.