Growing Plants without Soil using Python!

When most of us think of agriculture, we don’t think of it as a cutting-edge playground for AI, robotics, and data science development in Python.

This talk focuses on using Neural Networks and IoT with Python for implementing a smart and intelligent hydroponics (soil-less farming) system.

About Manav Mehra

Originally from India, Manav moved to Canada last year to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. Apart from being a techie, he has a keen interest in entrepreneurship and tries hard to understand the business side of anything he works on. Elon Musk being his role model, he is passionate about robotics and dreams to build a humanoid assistant for himself someday. He loves traveling and exploring new places, exchanging ideas with people and understanding different cultures. He was previously a Machine Learning Intern with IBM Toronto. Talk to him about his crazy idea called "Transferring sixth sense over the internet".