Docker Made Easy: Development and Deployment from the Same Container

Getting started with docker can be challenging. Lots of tutorials focus on only focus on development or production, rather than both. Because of this, many docker setups either ship an insecure setup to production or make it very inconvenient to develop.

In this talk, you'll learn about patterns for configuring your application for easy development using docker as well as tricks to make it easy to use the same container for both development and production. You’ll walk away with a docker image useful for development which can also be safely deployed to production.

You'll get the most out of this talk if you've used docker before and have deployed a python web application, but even general experience with both of these will be enough.

About Kaleb Elwert

Kaleb Elwert is a software engineer at The Pokémon Company International, working on the Python applications that power with a focus on service infrastructure and dev tools.

In his spare time, he enjoys drumming, playing video games and maintaining a number of open source projects in a variety of different languages (from Python to Go to shell scripting).