Digital Accessibility Beyond Legal Compliance

Roughly 10% of people have a disability that impacts their use of the web, and lawsuits against inaccessible websites are becoming more common. How can we move beyond seeing accessibility as a legal requirement, and to championing inclusion for people with disabilities?

About Fen Slattery

Fen Slattery is the Accessibility Lead at Clique Studios, where they build beautiful things and work towards a more inclusive digital world. As a web engineer, Fen seamlessly translates the needs of users into digital experiences that minimize barriers to access. As part of their advocacy work, they have spoken across the US to audiences of all skill levels, been featured on many panels about inclusion in the tech industry, and have spread their passion for accessibility in mentorship of web professionals.

They come to the world of development from a psychology and physics background at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Currently, they are a co-organizer for Chicago’s Digital Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup, one of the largest community accessibility organizations worldwide. In their spare time, Fen can be found writing zines, running roleplaying games, and taking their cat for walks.