We are committed to hosting a conference that is accessible to everyone. This page contains accessibility information as well as links to other resources. If you have questions or require any additional accommodations, please reach out to


TriMet is Portland's regional public transit system. Please see their website for accessible transportation options.

About our venue

PyCascades 2020 will be hosted at Revolution Hall. We will use spaces on the first two floors for the talks and social activities.

Wheelchair access

There are two elevators that service all levels of the building, and the main entrance on the west side of the building is wheelchair-accessible. Please ask one of our volunteers if you have difficulty locating the accessible seating in the auditorium. You can also reach out to in advance.


There are two ADA spots in the guest parking lot and there is no charge to use these spots.

Entering the building

The main entrance is actually an assuming ground-level door on the west side of building. Please enter there and come to the second floor for event check-in.

Moving between the auditorium/main floor and the snack & social area on the lower floor

There are two elevators in the southwest corner, right beside the main entrance of the building.


Both the auditorium and the quiet room will have accessible seating. Please ask any staff to direct you towards accessible seating. You can also reach out to in advance.


All the bathrooms at Revolution Hall are ADA-accessible.

Access to facilities for transgender and non-binary persons

Bathrooms on the second floor (auditorium level) are gender-segregated and multi-stall.

Bathrooms on the first floor (snack & networking spaces level) are gender-neutral and multi-stall.

PyCascades takes any discrimination seriously (see our Code of Conduct).

Please contact us if you experience any issues or if you have any concerns.


We will have live captioning during the presentation. These captions will be visible in the main auditorium as well as in the quiet room. If you are hearing impaired and are not able to see the captions, a member of staff can move you to a closer seat.

Interpreters are also welcome. Please reach out to us at to let us know if you'll be bringing and interpreter as we'll need to issue them a ticket (at no charge) for security reasons.


Revolution Hall does not have Braille signs. If this will be an obstacle for your attendance, please contact

Quiet room

The conference talks will be in main auditorium, and the Sunset Room will be used exclusively as a quiet room. The conference will be lived streamed (without audio, but with captions) into the quiet room. Staff will be available to keep the quiet room quiet and enjoyable for everyone.

Mother's room

One of our sponsors, CloudBolt Software, has a mother's room in their offices located in the Washington High School building, and providing it for conference use.

Once on site, please ask any member of staff and they can show you how to find it.

Fragrance free consideration

We would like to ask that you kindly consider the health and well-being of your fellow attendees. If you are able, please refrain from wearing and/or spraying chemicals such as perfumes, cologne, scented products in the conference space.

This consideration will help to ensure that our space is accessible and available to all members of our community–including those who have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) or chemical injury. The health effects of fragrances – ranging in severity from mild to debilitating. For some people, especially those with asthma and other respiratory disorders, exposure to fragrances can trigger the need for emergency medical treatment.